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08:28 - 16 April, 2005
Cat Fights In DC

This is a fascinating few tidbits I thought I'd pass along.
In the light of all the hypocrisy in DC and on both the Left and The Right, I thought these stories to be "fitting"..

Enjoy, and OH, BTW, Come and see My personal site , its gotten quite lonely over there.

Mar. 1, 2002 -- WASHINGTON (APJP) -- The Doc likes nothing better than a good, dishy, entertaining "summer read" -- especially political nonfiction of the juiciest kind.

And if you share the Doc's taste in books, the groundhog was wrong: summer has arrived early. Way early. In fact, you might want to book a mid-March weekend at a Cancun hotel and order up a copy of David Brock's "Blinded by the Right" from your favorite e-tailer right now. The Doc managed to score a copy of Brock's provocative eye-opener just days before it hits stores (that's next Tuesday, for those of you with a preference for those quaint neighborhood shops like Barnes & Noble).

The Doc gives his guarantee that the book is 100% as entertaining as it is revelatory about the inner workings of the hard right smear machine.

Case in point: Brock's description of a night out with notorious cybersleaze Matt Drudge, from page 283:

Drudge picked me up at a friend's house in the Hollywood Hills in his red Geo Metro, arriving with an impressive bouquet of yellow roses. Jesus, I thought, Drudge thinks we're going on a date. After dinner at the famed West Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana's, he suggested we go bar hopping along the gay strip on Santa Monica Boulevard, which Drudge navigated like a pro. ... (Six months hence, I received the following e-mail message from Drudge, under the subject heading "XXX." Drudge wrote: "Laura [Ingraham] spreading stuff about you and me being fuck buddies. I should only be so lucky. ")

My talks with Drudge focused on how he was being manipulated by the right, on what not to do with his career. ... Arianna, Laura, Drudge sadly, they were all lost causes. They needed to enroll in Clintons Anonymous.

Hey, David, don't feel so bad -- okay, Matt turned out to be what you call a "scary" date, and Laura... hell, you've just proven she's about as trustworthy as Matt when it comes to facts -- but at least Arianna turned her back on the cabal, so don't entirely discount your early warning.

And instant karma's catching up with that dancing fool Matt: one of his fabricated "scoops" seem to be coming back to haunt him of late in a big way. You can't say you didn't warn him!

As he'd say, "developing very hard."


Baldwin-Drudge spat may lead to lawsuit
Alec Baldwin delivered a rant on the Howard Stern radio show Monday that could land the Hollywood star turned "Hollywood Squares" star in court. Internet columnist Matt Drudge is mulling over slapping Baldwin with a slander suit for comments he made on the show, according to the New York Post. Among a slew of brash and outlandish statements, Baldwin, who will be splitting center-square duty with Ellen DeGeneres on the revamped game show, claimed that Drudge once made sexual advances toward him.

"He said, 'Do you have any Tabasco sauce?... I want to drizzle it all over you,'" claimed Baldwin. Drudge, however, claims that the two have never met. Drudge says the comments are actionable as far as his lawyer is concerned, but has held off on filing suit as he doubted the actor was worth suing. "Does Alec have any cash left to collect damages?" Drudge said. Drudge's riposte was reported on the Post's Page Six, whose editor, Richard Johnson, has issued a standing challenge to fight Baldwin "anytime, anywhere



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