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08:51 - 17 April, 2005
The Prohecy of The Weak

Pretty Recently, I was contacted by a few people regarding a topic that I normally wouldn't cover here orHERE or Or Here.
However in the light of the way events have shaped up and will continue to shape up "Hot and Heavy" this week with the selection of a new "Papal Figure" as well as many many other stories...I will share this info with you.

Editor's Note:" I am posting this info merely based on speculations and possible coincidences and not as fact.
The only Facts will be provided via Photograph and must be interpreted by the viewer as he/she/it deems fit."

Thanks...Let us begin

The EU, The rebuilt "Tower of Babel" Recommendation 666 , and Other strange symbols....

I once cracked a joke to an acquaintance that The "architects" of the EU must have had a sense of humour. They must have said "Let us get all the religious fanatics in an uproar by the way we design the EU, even down to our currency.."

The EU's "Parliament" Building in Strasbourg has been deliberately designed to represent the Tower of Babel, as per the famous painting by Peter Brueghel, painted in 1563. The logic behind this symbolism is the the EU is seeking to "build the house of Europe" - a task yet to be completed. The building is complete and in use, but is designed to look unfinished, and even has ringed platforms around it to represent scaffolding. When asked by a secular journalist ‘Why the Tower of Babel?’ an EU official replied, ‘What they failed to complete 3000 years ago – we in Europe will finish now.’

The Tower of Babel was mans first attempt to form a system to exalt itself, a complete foreshadow of a one world system on the horizon with a leader in the likes of Nimrod.

Daniel in Chapter2:31-33
31 Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible.
32 This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass,
33 His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.

According to many theorists, Europe is setting it self up in direct opposition to God. It is slowly changing laws to squeeze the Christian church out, and it makes no secret of this. To encourage support for the EU, the Council of Europe published a poster identifying Europe with the rebuilding of Babel!

Genesis 11:5-9;

And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth."

Note the statement shown on the poster "Many Tongues One Voice", inverts God's judgement on Babel. Note also that the normal European stars have been inverted to a pentagram, which shows the horns, ears and beard of Lucifer.

The Scarlet Whore Rides The Beast.....

But if you thought that was enough, that's not the end. Even worse than the tower of Babel is the fact that they have chosen another symbol to identify Europe, an image of a woman sitting on a beast - symbolic of both spiritual and political power! There are two parliament buildings for Europe, one in Strasbourg in France, and the other in Brussels in Belgium - both contain murals depicting this woman. And outside the Council of Europe Building in Brussels is a crude sculpture of this evil, scarlet woman, riding the evil beast. Is she the woman referred to in Revelation 17.

Another symbol adopted by Europe, as curious as the Tower of Babel, is the Greek myth of the `Rape of Europa'. This makes us ask - is Europe today being raped politically/financially/spiritually - and by whom? In every case a wanton woman, Europa, can be seen riding a beast (Rev 17:1-7), note especially from Revelation that the forehead of the woman riding the beast is branded with the name, `Mystery Babylon '). The mythical story is that Zeus, the father of the gods, spied Europa alone on the beach and lusted after her. He transformed himself into a bull of dazzling whiteness with horns like a crescent moon and lay down at her feet. She climbed on his back and he plunged with her into the waves of the sea before raping her. Europa conceived a son, and after her death she received divine honours as `Queen of Heaven', whilst the bull dissolved into the constellation in the sky known as Taurus. Brussels and Strasbourg EU Parliaments both contain paintings of the woman on the beast. A related issue may be the massive computer in Brussels called Euro Net, but nicknamed the `Beast', the first computer reputed, to be capable of storing personal data of the entire world population.

Is Europe the Babylon spoken of which will be destroyed in one hour. (Revelation 18:1-15

1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.
9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:
12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble,
13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.
14 And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.
15 The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,


All of it can be read HERE are 3 paragraphs of signinficance..

12Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Representative to preside over the PSC and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency

15Assist the European Union in coordinating civilian and military crisis management using the CIMIC concept as a basis and inform the Assembly about this concept

18Strengthen and extend the activities of the Torrej—n Satellite Centre, taking into account all the implications of its transfer to the European Union, including the fact that it works in a configuration of 16 countries, and inform the Assembly of its findings before taking any decision on such a transfer;

In Lay terms , this statute states that a "person to be designated at a later time, will have ALL emergency powers over all civilian, emergency and Communication throughout the EU.

The 10 Kings in the Bible Prophecy:

As I said before, if those 10 European nations known as the Brussels Treaty Powers are to become the 10 kings of Bible prophecy, then I knew one man would soon rise to a place of power alongside them. So I began watching for the creation of an office within the European Union that could accommodate such a person. This happened with the signing of the Amsterdam Treaty in 1997.

The Antichrist.....(note: we don't have anyone charismatic or charming enough to be a possible "antichrist" right now..)

The time will come when the nations of Europe will say to one man, ‘You take authority over us.’ 1

Europe needed one voice to speak for the many nations that made up the European Union. They also needed someone to help the Council of the European Union in matters relating to their new Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). The EU nations had big ambitions in this area. What they needed was someone who the world could call “Mr. Europe.”2 So, at Amsterdam, the 15 EU heads of state met together and decided to create the new office of High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Although the Amsterdam Treaty was signed in 1997, it didn’t become effective until May 1999. Then just five months later, on October 15, 1999, a remarkable man became the first to hold this office. He was a 56-year-old Spaniard by the name of Javier Solana Madariaga. He was a member of the Spanish Socialist Party and had been the prior head of NATO.

Solana’s position as High Representative also made him the Secretary General of the Council of the Europe Union. The Council is one of the three main governmental institutions that make up the EU. The other two institutions are the European Parliament and the European Commission. Although the Commission is thought to be the seat of power in the EU, many experts on European affairs believe the Council of the European Union holds the real reins of power in the EU.3

The reason for this is because the General Secretariat in the Council of Europe provides continuity to the policies being worked on by the EU’s rotating presidents. The 15 heads of the member states take turns at being president every six months. In other words, the EU presidents are only there for six months at a time. This hardly allows them time to get much done.

This is why the Council Secretariat is there to help them. With him, as the EU presidents come and go, the work in the Council can continue uninterrupted. The Secretary General of the Council – the office Solana was appointed to for a five-year term – administers the Council Secretariat. So when you add the office of High Representative to the office of Secretary General of the Council, you make Solana a very powerful man in the EU.

I wasn’t the only one thinking that Solana had been given tremendous power. In an official document for the Western European Union, Antonio Missiroli said that Solana’s combined positions could threaten the EU presidency itself. His warning was in the Chaillot Paper #38 for the Institute for Security Studies of the WEU. Missiroli said:

Finally, Javier Solana’s appointment as EU Council Secretary-General and
High Representative (SG/HR) for the CFSP is expected to foster coordination
and consistency … however [Solana’s appointment], may also create a
dualism with the presidency of the Union and, more generally, tensions within
the new EU troika: in fact, the democratic element represented by the
rotational presidency may be easily offset by the SG/HR … And here,
predictably, the balance of power and influence will change according to the
size, political weight and specific attitude of the country holding the presidency
— including whether it belongs or not to the above-mentioned ‘core’ [the 10
Brussels Treaty Powers].4

Here, we once again find the 10 Brussels Treaty Powers. Missiroli referred to these nations in his paper as the “core.” The implication of his remarks is that these so-called “core” nations carry more weight in the EU than the others. This was when I began to realize how unstable the politics in the EU were compared to the United States. Missiroli seemed to be saying that, now that Solana was on the scene, nobody knew for sure what was going to happen next in the EU.

Then on November 25 1999, while American was about to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, something big did happen – something even I wasn’t expecting. Solana’s already lofty position was made even more powerful. Solana put on his third hat and became the Secretary General of the WEU military alliance. In other words, Solana had now been placed in a position of influence over those “core” 10 Brussels Treaty Powers. He now was the head of Europe’s exclusive military club.

I was shocked by this news. The prophetic implications of this event were many. I knew if the Brussels Treaty Powers were to become the 10 kings of prophecy, then one man with influence in the EU would rise to power among them. And this had just happened.

In fact, it was this event that caused me to write the column about Solana that Constance Cumbey read when she decided to give me a call. Needless to say, these three positions – High Representative, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and now Secretary General of the WEU – made Solana an extremely powerful player in the EU. This would make him – or someone who is to hold his office in the future – a good candidate for the Antichrist.

Solana was not only the head of the most powerful agency in the EU (the Council of the European Union), but he was also the one entrusted with creating and directing Europe’s new Common Foreign and Security Policy. And now he was also in tight with those 10 core nations.

Alone, these events were significant. Taken together, they were astounding. It was becoming impossible for me to ignore what was going on in Europe as indications that the Bible prophecies were about to be fulfilled. In other words, I was becoming convinced that “signs of the times” were again occurring in our world. And once again they seemed to be going unnoticed.

Javier Who?

Referring to the Antichrist, Willmington’s Guide to the Bible states:

He will be an intellectual genius (Daniel 8:23). He will be an oratorical genius
(Daniel11:36). He will be a political genius (Revelation 17:11-12). He will be
a commercial genius (Revelation 13:16, Daniel 11:43). He will be a military
genius (Revelation 6:2, 13:2). He will be a religious genius (Revelation 13:8).5

So, could Javier Solana actually be the first to hold the office the Antichrist will someday hold? This idea was too bizarre to be believable. Yet I was looking for a Mr. Europe to come on the scene and, now that I’d found one, I didn’t know what to do with him. I decided to learn all I could about this first Mr. Europe – Javier Solana.

Since Solana was the former head of NATO, I figured he must have done a good job. If he hadn’t, then he wouldn’t have been given such a key position in the development of the EU’s new foreign policy. I was right.

Javier Solana became the Secretary General of the NATO Alliance in 1995. A nasty scandal in the organization had left the Western leaders groping to find a new head for NATO that everyone would like. Whoever this person turned out to be, he would have an important job. He would have to restructure NATO to face the realities of the post-Cold War.

There was also an immediate problem in the Balkans to deal with. The United States didn’t want to commit ground troops to the region, and NATO was preparing for air strikes. The job waiting for the new head of NATO would be no cakewalk.

The American Secretary of State Warren Christopher had learned to appreciate the diplomatic skills of Javier Solana while Solana was a Foreign Minister in Spain. Christopher recommended Solana to President Clinton, and Clinton took Christopher’s advice.6

Although most of the Western leaders liked the idea, Solana’s appointment came as quite a surprise. The reason for their surprise was that, as a youth, Solana had participated in anti-NATO demonstrations in Spain. In fact, Solana’s leftist political activism had been so extreme that he was expelled from Madrid’s Complutense University in 1963.7

Ironically, it was to this grown-up radical from the 1960s – a person who had once described himself as a pragmatic Marxist – that the Western leaders gave the job of restructuring NATO for the new post-Cold War era.

Under Solana’s supervision, the number of NATO headquarters was reduced from 65 to 20. The remaining headquarters were divided into two Strategic Commands – one for the Atlantic and another for Europe. It was as if NATO was split right down the middle.8

Solana’s restructuring made room for NATO expansion, an important part of the Western leaders' plans for the post-Cold War era. These leaders felt that NATO had done such a good job in Europe that the benefits of the alliance should be offered to other parts of Europe, and even possibly to the whole world.9

What made the NATO alliance so desirable was the fact that it was only open to democratic governments with open markets. For a nation to join NATO it had to first meet these requirements.

Another desirable result of NATO expansion was the lessening of the chance for war. NATO members don’t go to war against each other.

Yet expansion was not the only reason NATO needed to be restructured. The Western leaders wanted to make it possible for the European nations to use NATO’s military assets without America’s participation. In other words, the EU wanted its own independent military capacity.

The war in Bosnia had once again driven home to the European leaders just how weak they really were. They first realized this during the Gulf War, and now they were facing their military impotence again.

So Solana was given quite a job as the new head of NATO. Not only did he have to win the war in Bosnia, but he also had to restructure NATO for the post-Cold War era. With this restructuring, the Western leaders wanted to make possible their dreams for a new pan-European security arrangement that, if properly shaped, could possibly go global. This was no small task.

Yet I couldn’t help but wonder: Why would we Americans want to make NATO resources available to our European allies for their independent use? I realized that something big was happening in Europe that the American people didn't know about.

The balance of military power that had existed for the last 50 years in America’s favor was going to change. Europe was on its way to once again becoming a military power. And they were going to do it with our equipment and help.

Again I ask, why would American want this to happen – let alone help it happen? Perhaps the best man in the Clinton administration to answer that question was the Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott. In July 1992, he wrote an essay for Time magazine titled, "The Birth of the Global Nation," where he revealed that he believed global government is inevitable.

The following year after the essay was published, he took his post as Deputy Secretary General under the Clinton administration and helped shape the Clinton foreign policy from the very beginning.

In the same essay, Talbott said about federalism, “If that model does indeed work globally, it would be the logical extension of the Founding Fathers’ wisdom, therefore a special source of pride for a world government’s American constituents.” 10

To me it seems likely that Talbott’s views on federalism may have greatly influenced President Clinton and contributed to the idea of NATO expansion as a model for the New World Order.

So the Western leaders got together and decided to make NATO a model for their new post-Cold War security scheme. As I thought about this, I realized that NATO expansion was, in reality, an attempt to create a new pan-European security arrangement and, if possible, a New World Order.

In fact, Solana said so himself. On January 11,1999, he said:

Today, NATO and the EU stand as the world’s foremost models of
multinational, democratic cooperation. They exert a tremendous
attractiveness to the many nations who aspire to join or cooperate with them.
Both organizations have inspired the larger European project of integration, of
cooperation and reconciliation which is healing the unnatural divide of the
past between East and West. They are thus both leaders of the drawing
together of Europe, its rejuvenation and reconstruction. We must keep firmly
in our sights this higher political project that both organizations, in their own
respective ways, embody. Just as the European Union is more than a
common market, but the embodiment of a political ideal, so too NATO is
more than a military alliance for the collective defense of its members. It is a
symbol of how countries can strive together for peace, security and stability
across a whole continent.11

While head of NATO, Solana was given the credit for holding the bickering allies together during the long bombing campaign directed against Serbia — something many didn’t think could be done.

But what most caught the approving eyes of the European leaders was the fact that Solana was personally responsible for talking Russia into allowing the NATO expansion. This expansion was something the Western leaders very much desired.
Yet few in diplomatic circles thought Russia could ever be talked into letting former East Block countries become members of their rival military organization. But this is what Solana succeeded in doing.

It was reported that – after Solana worked out this agreement with Russia – he received a standing ovation at NATO headquarters in Brussels. The Western leaders credited Solana’s diplomacy for making possible the biggest change to Europe’s security since the Yalta Conference reshaped Europe at the end of World War II.12

But something Solana said near the end of his term as head of NATO should have shocked these Western leaders. In a moment of reflection, Solana actually referred to someone – possibly himself – as the “Head of the International Community.” At a press conference in Pristina, Kosovo, Solana said:

A good part of my 4 years tenure as Secretary General of NATO has been
devoted to the Balkans and a good part devoted to Kosovo. You can image
with what emotion I am here today in Pristina for the last time in this capacity.
The challenges that lie ahead are immense. The tremendous tragedy of
Kosovo has been lived by many of you and many of us, but I think with good
will, with co-operation, with the visions of so many leaders here in Europe
and in the world, the Head of the International Community, with all that, we will
create the ingredients to create a new future for the population living here. You
can be sure that I will continue in my new capacity as High Representative of
Foreign and Security policy in the European Union, to engage which for me is
part of my life already.13

Constance Cumbey brought Solana's comment to my attention. She calls this press conference Solana’s “Head of the World” speech. And her point is well taken. Who did Solana mean when he referred to the “Head of the International Community?” Was he referring to himself or to someone else?

No matter how much we choose to read into Solana’s words at that press conference one thing is clear – big changes are occurring to the balance of power on the European continent. And Javier Solana is right in the middle of them.

you can lead the sheep to water, but you can't make them think.


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