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21:31 - 09 February, 2005
Wasted Breath

First, the removal of IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei.

Second, fire(warning) shot by Condoleezza Rice.

Our lives are about to be changed, forever........

AP: U.S. Aims to Oust U.N. Nuke Official

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - The United States is seeking backing from allies in a possible bid to oust the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency at a meeting later this month, diplomats and Western government officials said Wednesday.

During the same Feb. 28 meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Washington also will increase the pressure on Iran for allegedly trying to make nuclear weapons, the officials told The Associated Press.

Washington considers IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei too soft on Iran and its alleged plans to make nuclear arms and the international community ineffective in dealing with the same perceived threat....


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