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20:26 - 24 April, 2005
Terminus of Meus Iter itineris pro Verum

Terminus of Meus Iter itineris pro Verum

I have spent the last year attempting to perhaps awaken some of you?
Perhaps, make a difference?

I have Failed......

You can look Here to get the latest info on a much larger scale

Or you can always look Here for more direct Inspiration

Thanks to all I have met and all who have written ,even those who have loathed me.
My work here is done...

My Personal Site will continue and I hope it inspires you like it has me.

Cheers to all

"In quietness and confidence shall be your strength...."---- Isaiah 30:15

EGO sum sic rumex.....vos can plumbum ovis ut unda , tamen vos can't planto lemma reputo..


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