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16:07 - 27 February, 2005
Terri Schiavio

Terri Schiavo is going to slowly be permitted to starve to death for all to see on March 18, 2005. The ABSOLUTE love and determination shown by her Father is heart breaking.

Just let them be. The parents want to take care of her, let them. Why is the US Government allowing her to be "Terminated?"

Terri giggles and laughs appropriately. It takes an aware human being to do this. This will make you smile!

See Terri respond with appropriate laughter, giggles and nostalgia with her Dad's talking to her in this .wmv file.

This is no 'vegetable'. Look at her hands move, hear her respond with a little 'yeh' in agreement with what her dad says. Terri has 'acquired cerebral palsy' and reminds me very much of my cousin Fredine who was born 69 years ago with 'spastic paralysis', better known as 'cerebral palsy'.... Fredine is as intelligent as you or I. With therapy, she learned to walk, and how to control and relax her muscles more easily. She went to school with me, in a grade ahead. Hard to understand sometimes, but with patience and practice, you know what she is saying. Fredine has contributed a lot to her family's enjoyment and enjoys life herself, as would Terri with the proper therapy.

Terri CAN get better! Dr. Hammesfahr, the Nobel Prize candidate for his work with the brain injured has examined her and declared so. Other physicians have also examined her and know that she can improve with therapy - the therapy which has been wrongly denied her. However, Judge Greer and George Felos do not want to admit this in court. Judge Greer is ignoring the truth. And so is the mainstream media until now.

Terri has always had very poor eyesight, even before the damaging incident. Just because she can't recognize people until they are literally in her face, does not mean she's not aware, has feelings, enjoys life, music, pets, her family's comforting words, her pastor praying with her.

Boy, would she enjoy being wheeled out in the fresh air and sunshine! Lets give her, and ALL of us that chance!

Judge Greer and George Felos have refused to let the public see this movie, haven't they?
This has not been shown in the mainstream media.

I wonder why? This omission looks very suspicious; it appears slanted in the 'death merchants' favor.

Well, we are distributing it far and wide - please see that it gets noticed by the Life affirming good people that can help this very important cause.

Thank you for your wonderful actions to save Terri and protect the weak and disabled in our country.

From From Dee Rohe


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