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19:56 - 18 February, 2005
Gannon/Guckert Goes Hollywood

Video Link: Anderson Cooper

This is now a SCANDAL. not a sex scandal, but a propoganda and political scandal! THIS IS BIGTIME!

This man on TV tonight did not seem to have a clue how to conduct a dialogue. That being said, how can he be a reporter? What is the real truth here? Who is going to take the fall?
As many people have said, this is not about destroying a human being.

"Awfully quiet there, Drudge...."

This would be a perfect way to set up for a suicide.
Iím not reveling in that horrible idea. It seems like a very sick plan.
But a plan that smells of Rove.

Letís say that this Jim/Jeff knows every sick little detail.
He doesnít want to go on TV. He wants to vanish out of sight.
But Karl forces him to and tells him heíll be protected after that.
Now Jim/Jeff is suddenly crushed by the system he was playing to be a part of in front of God and everyone and clients, lovers.
Someone really should reach out to this sad used human before
REALLY EVIL PEOPLE get there hands on him.

Washington loves to fake suicides.

Just a thought.
We donít want to hurt this man.
We want the truth.
We want to get to his Boss Man.

How is discovery of your self-published pornographic pictures and an online escort service featuring yourself an invasion of privacy?

Guckert was pathetic, I truly felt sorry for him during the interview. I am over that now.
Though, I think he was coached to appear nervous.

It needed to be asked again and again.

How did you get your credentials? It seemed to me his best answer to this was "because I applied for them"
How embarrassing. When will he realize that his right wing handlers are not going to rush to his aid?

The White House does NOT have plausible deniability. NOBODY gets that kind of access without a Secret Service background check, and the Secret Service would not -- trust me, *would not* -- miss that fact that Guckert was whoring himself out a couple of months before applying for his pass.

The Secret Service *would absolutely not* let such a person through without explicit instructions from on high to do so.

Find out who let him in. How many people in the White House have the power to override the Secret Service?

Who is he protecting and why?

This is not going away folks.
It is on fire!


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