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16:31 - 24 June, 2005
Come to Ground Zero Karl

I'd like to ask Karl and his puppies to stand anywhere in the vincinity of Ground Zero and repeat Karl's fatuous, lying remarks to a crowd of New Yorkers.

Whole lotta liberals in New York. Whole lotta those liberal New Yorkers lost someone in the towers. Whole lotta liberal New Yorkers who lost someone in the towers might want to break Karl's jaw today. Karl would be well advised to keep his sorry ass out of New York from now on.

Junior got less than a quarter of the New York City vote last November, as I recall. Yeah, the people most closely affected by 9/11, who are most intimate with it, are less than impressed with Junior and his war on terra. [...]

That karma wheel keeps turnin' children. Take care.

Some people are misunderstanding the nature of the backlash against Karl Rove and his latest attack against fellow Americans. There's nothing planned about it. It is real, and it is huge. Karl Rove, widely described as the most corrupting, immoral, "pathological" political hack in a nation awash in immoral political hacks, has taken it upon himself to attack a broad and deeply patriotic swath of Americans, including troops in the field, New Yorkers who lost loved ones in the tower, and anyone else who might actually have issues with the incompetent manner in which George W. Bush has cowboyed around the world roundly making a mess of the war on terror.

This is because Karl Rove is, at heart, less a genius than simply someone who finds America's legal and ethical rules below him. He's a political Ted Bundy, and the Republicans treat him like their patron saint.

So please, don't tell the citizens of New York, don't tell liberals, and don't
tell fellow Democrats that it's OK to be called traitors. It's not going
to work. It's not bloggers or talk shows feuling this, it is a deep-seated rage
at the audacity not of Karl Rove, but of the amoral and thuggish White House itself.
New Yorkers, in particular, have just had some Beltway hack call their mothers,
their fathers, their sons and their daughters traitors. You really think
New Yorkers are going to put up with that crap? I'm surprised Karl Rove
got out of the building with all his limbs.

Karl Rove's comments aren't a distraction from the Downing Street Memos,
from Bolton, from Plame, and from the latest failures in Iraq. Rove's comments
are the counterattack against anyone who dares bring those things up.
They're part and parcel of an Administration that, only six months into this
term, is in deep trouble, on all these fronts and others, and is attempting
to stifle dissent. Well, we're not going to put up with that crap. We're not.

The most serious crisis facing the administration is this: as the Downing Street
"memos" continue to surface, as the Bolton nomination continues to be dragged
down as Senate Democrats discover more and more questionable activites undertaken
by Bolton on behalf of the White House
, and as news reports on other fronts
are finally being pieced together into a larger narrative, it is becoming
more and more clear that not only was there an effort to "fix" intelligence
in the runup to the Iraq War, but that the effort was far larger, more organized,
and more vicious against dissenters than administration critics had even suspected.

That is the driving force behind many of these new media stories. Rove
and the White House need to crush these investigative efforts, and that's what
these latest carefully organized attacks against Democrats, liberals, reporters,
etc., have been geared towards doing.

It's not going to work. And it's time to get outraged.



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