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09:38 - 24 June, 2005
Pissed as Hell at Rove
I get email.

Listen, I'm pissed as hell at Rove. I am a democrat and have been forever. (I'm 54) ... my two kids who just happen to be in the US Army serving are also democrats. My son and daughter both joined as soon as they possibly could after 9/11.
So far they are both safe from harm (no thanks to Rove...).

My son and daughter both emailed me last night wanting to know just who in the hell the Rove guy is. They both want to plaster his face everywhere around the bases they are stationed. It seems that Rove didn't know that a good percentage of enlisted folk were Democrats. They like to say around the bases that republicans don't volunteer.

I went into the Army a Republican, came out a Democrat. It really is a fiction that the military is heavily Republican. And Rove's statements are a slap in the face of every Democrat currently serving his or her country.

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