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22:366666666 - 24 May, 2005

If people follow "trends" like I do..perhaps you have heard of something
called "Web-Bots"..

These random word like phrases traverse the information highway and have actually
predicted major world events and tragedies, such as 9-11, the Tsunami, and many
other economic and sociological events.

I submit the below info as purely speculative...i feel it is significant .I
feel time has been running ahead of itself lately...


New Web Bot Advisory

I just got off the phone with Cliff up at because there
is a new advisory out for the subscribers to the next web bot run (905 series).
What occasioned the rare sending out of an advisory is that there appears to
be something big - and very imminent - about to happen and there are a lot of
general descriptors being kicked out of the early part of the run, about 4-million
reads into the data.

Although the descriptors are clear enough, with phrases like...

heart surges suddenly;

fear response;

blue, sudden, out of the blue;

violent energy impact in second;

mindless violence degrades in an instant;

degradation produces disintegration;

use all strength;

strong person silent;

sudden/instant shift to blue;

head ramming breaks skull;

violence damages self continuously/most;

unfounded footing frees fears;

blue over green, floating, blue instant;

reckless behavior leads corpse;

force manifests suddenly, earth dry, upward;

running in haste, repeated exhaustions, weak muscles;

toes crushed, rocks fall;

...there has not been enough data gathered to build the background" against
which entities are displayed in model space (it takes more data gathering and
processing). We kicked around putting the high frequency descriptors up in a
spreadsheet and "case testing" news stories against the descriptors
for fit (e.g. would the ISS being hit by a meteorite fit? Would a sudden major
defeat in Iraq? Would China reversing position and revaluing the Renminbi instantly
do it? The Fed minutes? The Housing report? How about a huge earthquake?) We
concluded that whatever it is will make itself known in short order, so why
put in the effort and if it's later than sooner, the modelspace will populate
to give better guidance. No worries, where's your towel, and thanks for the
fish, as the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy puts it.

What's even more interesting, though, is the conversation that followed where
we compared a few notes and found it extraordinary that we have both been compelled
over the past couple of days to "finish up lingering projects" that
have been weighing. What I mean by this is I had a 2 foot high stack of papers
on my desk (containing nothing particularly pressing) but all of a sudden in
the past two days I was compelled to go through it all and weed out everything
but two minor projects. Cliff, on the other hand is going through a similar
"compulsion to get ready for something" phase which includes getting
a leaky oil seal on his diesel generator fixed, repairing a problem with his
van, getting the renewable energy system charged up, and a number of other like
nuisance projects.

It's almost like there's been a "vibe" going through at least our
part of the Universe where this "get ready for something" has been
going on. A "fix and get ready" wave of stuff.

Now, the science experiment prior to the big "reversal of positions event"
- in the form of a question for readers like you: Have you experienced a sudden
urge in the past few days to "finish unfinished projects?"

Click here to Read the detailed History of Webbot technology


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