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09:56 - 10 May, 2005
Pathways To Becoming A Monster

I looked in the mirror and I saw a monster. I hate what I have going on within. I can be happy being drug free. Is that really a victory??????

Ask the people closest tome....Am I worse or am I better now?

Is it Really Half Full or Half Empty???

I'm so afraid.....Terrified.....
I love more than anything....

Clarity, Patience, rationale,Compassion,Love,

The path lies ahead of my heart.........Lets follow it into the light.....sooner rather than later....

Did I have a dream?
Or did the dream have me?

Set off on a night-sea journey
Without memory or desire
Drifting through lost latitudes
With no compass and no chart

Flying through hallucination
Distant voices, signal fires
Lighting up my unconscious
And the secret places of the heart

Dream - temporary madness
Dream - a voice in the wilderness
Dream - unconscious revelations
The morning says, the answer is yes

Floating through a darkened mirror
Deep reflections in disguise
Soaring through lost altitudes
Without wonder, without fear

Symbols on a field of visions
Behind the curtain of sleeping eyes
On the instant of waking
Another world of dreams appears

Dream - temporary madness
Dream - a walk in the wilderness
Dream - unconscious recreation
The morning says the answer is yes<



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