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10:20 - 05 May, 2005
Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun

Sabbatical... and a few other things.

I feel I need to think a lot and start re-evaluating my goals and wants for the next few months.
If anyone knows me, they know I've played guitar for many years since my "stoner" days in High school.
Until even last year I was playing shows with bands, partying way too much etc.
I have agreed to not play the shows , unless I agree to provisions etc..
I am however going to start collaborating and recording my own songs etc.

The compelling urge to create and see my music evolve is very rewarding and fulfilling. Music is..and has..always been an integral part of my being...

I am def. going to start creating again. Since i stopped the Poison, songs and melodies have infiltrated my brain during waking hours and Dream-state.. yes, I have always "Dreamt Songs" and awakened to write them down immediately.
I consider this a gift from the almighty.....

I have so many ideas..I have calming acoustic tunes and I have the heavy driving rock songs..
I am all parts to one.
I also have dreamy ethereal songs that I can create via my synthesizer...(from My LSD days).

I have to pursue these songs yearning to finally expel from my soul and my heart. It is not about "making it".
It is about emotional release...Therapeutic in nature...

We shall see....

I can taste my HOME again....It is as if I have been in prison for a 1 year sentence...Now my release is in sight...

I'll admit, I am horrified that something will go wrong between now and then....Yet I cannot allow it to consume me or I'll go mad. I just want to fly under the radar till the time comes..

No tragedy, No meltdowns, No dilemmas,

Please God..smooth sailing...?


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