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09:25 - 28 April, 2005
Fallingn and Being Caught before I land In The Fire

What is the way to the abode of light? And where does darkness reside? Can you take them to their places? Do you know the paths to their dwellings? ---Job 38:19-20

The world we live and exist in is a cancer.

It is a struggle to keep the prize in sight with all of the depraved ways of the world that I see each day.

No wonder so many, including myself have fallen and fallen hard.
When we try and focus on the "light", there are forces at play to do everything in their power to darken the light or distract us.

Kids are now behaving in hedonistic ways..
Very young too now I may add.

As the parent of an "almost 12 " year old girl, I can say I am scared however, I *Know* I did the best I could. So far she has confided very personal things with me even before her Mother( my ex wife). To me that is an affirmation that even though we were not together daily, I still did a great job as her Father.

The TV showed one of the most ridiculous and quite honestly, disturbing things I ever saw..

It was an alleged "Exorcism" at the hands of some bible belt fanatics .
It was more like WWF, and during dinner none the less. Who was trying to prove anything??

Back to the fall of humanity....

There are just so many forces at work to distract us from the light.

MTV... used to be a good source of music and videos. Now it has become simply a source of ways of promoting adolescent sexual promiscuity and disrespect for the value of family, the value of pregnancy, the value of our bodies, the value of morals..

Prime time TV also has ruined our morals....Shows like Desperate Housewives again reflect society's complete collapse of morals and the sanctity of love.( Yes, for all of you haters of me out ther, I Know I'm the pot calling the kettle..would you rather I not acknowledge my own demons???)

The "L" Word is another disaster for morals.. It's not the "lesbian theme" that upsets me. It is more of the environment that is promoted. For example, in each episode, there *has* to be a skit where there is hardcore sex and moral depravity. Love is beautiful no matter what...Hedonism, while good eye candy is a bad way to teach our teenagers. Is it me or is being "a girl into girls" now the big fad??

The Apprentice.
This show, while still having the sexual tension and eye candy is more about the world's desire for material possession. I consider this nearly as disgusting. Watching people compete in an almost vicious way to get a job with a billionaire, while attempting to ruin their opponents' lives is not what I call being on the path... Sorry Mr. Trump, but in my world.."You're Fired!"

Fear Factor. Another cannibalistic ritualistic display of how far our society has actually NOT gone over time.
We have not evolved...In fact, we are de-evolving.....Who in their right mind would have thought that seeing people eating Pigs hearts, Cows uterus, sheep's balls would be something millions of TV viewers would nearly obsess over????

The bottom line is...Unless we make the conscious effort to change and reset our controls for the heart of the light, we will continue this blind journey and continue to feed the cancer that is our world......

This is the hardest journey.......
The rewards are the greatest...............


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