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15:23 - 25 April, 2005
Ok...Im still Done, Just HAD to Reply

I AM still Done yet I felt compelled 1 Last time.
I got more hate mail.
I have replied in kind to this
Here it is:

Good Day.
I usually do not reply to such comments as you and your "friend" left however I feel compelled to.

The reason is simple.
I am after the same answers you are.
I will reply in blcokquote to the statement left:

"You disgrace our nation.

This I cannot imagine . I have always stated my Love for this country. As some of our Founding Father's once said " The truest form of patriotism is Dissent." The Day we stop questioning our Government..(The same Government elected BY the people FOR the people...) is the same day we cave into a fascist/dictator like state.Is that what you hope for??

As i sit here looking at your site, i shake my head in shame. I was enraged at first, but now i am not. I would defend your right to say what you want. After all this is the greatest nation on earth, allowing you to talk like this, while people are out there paying with their blood. I see that you would never make that sacrifice.

Do you feel ashamed that I am Free to question and point out mistakes our govt may have made.. As far as sacrifices, have you "really" read my site? Have you seen the memorials for all the victims of past/present wars and "terror like events"? Did you EVEN know that I was personally Severely Injured on 9-11??? Do you know I weep for our country as you allegedly do as well? Did you know I enlisted in 1995 for military service?

It makes me sad that you, or anyone who agrees with you would choose to keep yourself so uneducated.

Uneducated in what way? Perhaps I do not read the newspapers or watch network news or go to Free Republic or Drudge. Perhaps the truth has ALWAYS been out there and we are just not asking the right questions? Tell ME what ways you consider the best avenues for me to become "educated".

We are fighting two kinds of evil, the terrorists and ideas like the ones portrayed on this site.

Only 2 kinds of evil? Do you ever question your government? By Not questioning our Government, I consider that evil and uneducated. This site has only portrayed Love, Peace and Knowledge. Show me 1 example of "terrorism" on this site< and I will turn myself in to Homeland Security.

For anyone who wants another view, go look at videos of what happened to this nation, unless you are to much of a coward to see what evil killed thousands of Americans. "

I have a better challenge. Trade places with me and go back in time and YOU witness body parts falling and landing all around you. You witness the ABSOLUTE HORROR of being trapped and not knowing if you will EVER see you Loved ones again. You can go and see thousands of limbs, torsos, and blood everywhere. I will gladly trade places.

Remember, I WAS There and was going to go back in to rescue people.

God Bless,


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