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11:15 - 21 April, 2005
Open Mail Thursday

Open Mail Thursday.

From a fan:

Manda writes:

"You disgrace our nation. As i sit here looking at your site, i shake my head in shame. I was enraged at first, but now i am not. I would defend your right to say what you want. After all this is the greatest nation on earth, allowing you to talk like this, while people are out there paying with their blood. I see that you would never make that sacrafise. It makes me sad that you, or anyone who agrees with you would choose to keep yourself so uneducated. We are fighting two kinds of evil, the terrorists and ideas like the ones portrayed on this site. For anyone who wants another view, go look at videos of what happened to this nation, unless you are to much of a coward to see what evil killed thousands of Americans.

from manda
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0:25 am - Thursday,April 21, 2005

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you can lead the sheep to water, but you can't make them think.


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