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14:46 - 09 April, 2005
Bush and Saddam, Two Faces to One Coin
Bush and Saddam, Two Faces to One Coin

The above photo is from Today....Notice the pure rage and thousands and thousands of people..., NOW look below...that was from 2 years ago, "The Fall of Baghdad"...

Any questions? Didn't think so......

I can honestly say that the democracy dreamt by our "Founding Fathers" is more alive in Iraq than it is here now...They said they would be throwing flowers at us! Where are the outstretched arms ready for a hug? They said they would welcome us with open arms! You mean to tell me they LIED??!! I'm shocked. Just shocked!

I love the Saddam/Bush two faces to one coin. How perfect is that? Here I thought they were readying a Bush statue to replace the Saddam statue they tore down. The Abu Ghraib prisoner makes quite a statement. I'm so ashamed of this country.

"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."
Martin Luther King Jr.


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