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01:02 - 21 March, 2005
This is a Drill

Airline Crash 'Drill/Exercise' In DC Area Set For April 23, 2005

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Subject: Balto-Wash Airport Drill

"...I am on the list of the emergency preparedness group for the Howard County, Maryland area - It is about 20 minutes south of Baltimore and 40 minutes north of Washington, DC.
This is about plans for a drill at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI)..."


BWI [Baltimore/Washington International Airport] is conducting a drill/exercise at the airport Saturday, April 23, 2005. The scenario is a commercial airline crash within the perimeter of the airport. They will be simulating putting out the fire, triaging patients/victims, transporting to hospital sites and the airline will be testing its plan for taking care of Families and Friends.

To that end, the American Red Cross is coordinating volunteers for the drill: They need 120 to play as crash victims and 30 to 40 friends and family.

The drill will begin at 9AM and conclude about 2PM. However, volunteers will need to arrive at 6 am as victims will be moulaged and friends and family members will be briefed on their roles.

If you would like to volunteer:
Please forward me your name, current phone number and current e-mail address.

We are still in planning stages and more information will be forthcoming.

Please let me know by Thursday, March 24, 2005 if you would be interested in participating.

NOTE: Your name will be forwarded to the Red Cross.

Disaster Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County
10221 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, MD 21044


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