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08:26 - 17 March, 2005

I found this comparison on a hardcore Conservative website. This does show why the Democrats are so inconsistent as a party.

I have grown very disenchanted with both of the ruling parties in our administration.

What's the difference between these two pictures? Well, the one on the bottom was, until today, lucky enough to have the support of national Democrats. In debating ANWR today Barbara Boxer held up a picture like the one on the left and said of its habitat: "to me this is a God given environment". The fact that the bear will not be harmed by exploration drilling is of no consequence to her.

But the picture on the top is, to Barbara Boxer and national Democrats nothing but a mass of cells worthy of zero protection, even in the third trimester. Boxer has no trouble allowing drilling in its "habitat". The consequences to it from such drilling in the 3rd trimester is that a sharp blade is used to stab its head. That causes the skull to collapse and the brain to come out. Then it's dead.

And the Democrats wonder why people question their values and morals. Gee, I don't know about you, but I sure can't figure it out. Can you?


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