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11:07 AM - Saturday, Feb. 05, 2005

I Want to write a bit about things that have entered the radar and maybe figure out the "equation" if I put it to paper.

  • Iraq is "liberated".

  • Iraq populous majority detest US presence

  • Iraq is majority Shiite

  • Iraq was run by a secular Sunni clan

  • The candidate with the lead in these "elections" is the Iranian Shiite Cleric Ayatollah Sistani

The US must've known that their guy, the criminal Ayad Allawi had no chance.

So. This Ayatollah Sistani despises our presence in Iraq. Will ask us to leave.

What next?

Israel and The USA are accusing Iran of Nuclear Non Proliferation and an advanced Uranium Enrichment program for non domestic use.
Iran denies.
The EU is attempting the diplomacy path, The US is not.

The Neo-Conservatives are saying that "Israel may attack Iran"...
Israel attacks Iran, Iran retaliates...
Then what????

I am not drawing conclusions, I am simply putting the facts to paper and creating an equation so I can understand and possibly interpret the "modus operandi" of this current administration.

It is perplexing and scary.
We do not have the military manpower to sustain any ongoing confrontation with another country. The losses would be catastrophic. This is mind boggling....What am I missing??

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."


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