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4:02 PM - Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2005
State Of My Union

"Cui prodest scelus, is fecit."
"The one who derives advantage from the crime is the one most likely to have committed it."

"For reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy, we settled on one issue everyone could agree on, which was weapons of mass destruction..."
~ Paul Wolfowitz, Vanity Fair, 2003-06

Bush's lie was the greatest crime of the last 100 years.

  • It cried wolf about nuclear war.

  • It framed an innocent country.

  • It conned the taxpayers of $200+ billion and funneled it to the likes of Halliburton.
  • .
  • It attempted to steal the second largest oil reserves on the planet worth trillions.

  • It sent over 1100 young Americans to their deaths, thinking they were saving America from a nuclear attack, when in reality they were participating in a robbery.

  • It sent thousands of Iraqi children to hideously painful deaths

Remember too, what happened to Tami Silicio

On another note..Is it me. or is something not right with this so - called Iraqi election?
For example. Has anyone even been able to find out the names of these candidates?
Has anyone found out the results of this "Wonderful" Election?
Why are the Sunnis declaring this election illegitemate?
Why are stories starting to surface of bribery to get people to the polling locations?
Why are some clerics actually claiming they were given hundreds of thousands of blank ballots?
Voting Irregularities?



This all sounds quite familiar now, doesn't it?

I predict that the next "Terror Event" is coming very very soon to act as a major distraction to the clusterfuck disaster that is, and will continue to plague this administration. There is no other way......

" I may not agree with what you say...But I'll defend your right to say it....."



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